Ciara Dolce is a company which offers high quality sweets that have been favorites of our family and friends over the past thirty-five years. We offer Caramels with Pecans and Caramels with Fleur de Sel . They are handmade with fresh ingredients. We package them either in a decorative twelve ounce bag tied with gold cording for $15.00 or a one pound gold box for $20.00. There is a ten percent discount for two hundred dollar orders.

Half pound Chocolate covered caramel box

NEW: Ciara Dolce Chocolate covered Caramels

The Caramels with Pecans and the Caramels with Fleur de Sel are available in a premium dark chocolate couverture and also a much favored milk chocolate. We offer them in a half pound gold box of twelve for $26.00. At Christmas and Valentine's Day, we also offer the chocolates in a red box of twelve. Please indicate your preference upon purchase.

Our caramels make a terrific and memorable treat for your friends, family or special clients. We can drop ship to them if you provide us their names and addresses.

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